Tollgate Crossing is a residential metropolitan district located in Aurora, Colorado.

The Tollgate Crossing Metropolitan District (TGCMD) is a special district organized in accordance with Title 32 of the Colorado Revised  Statutes.  It is a public entity which is authorized to own, operate and maintain public improvements and impose taxes and/or fees to pay for such services and improvements. 

The Tollgate Crossing Metro District encompasses three Home Owner Associations. Tollgate Crossing HOA, Newbridge at Tollgate Crossing HOA and Tollgate Crossing Townhome Association.

This web site provide services to residents of TOLLGATE CROSSING METROPOLITAN DISTRICT, NO. 2 located in southeast Aurora, Colorado.

If you need more information or have an issue to bring to our attention, please follow the links for our Board Members or other appropriate contacts contained herein.








This meeting will be held via teleconferencing and in person.  The meeting can be joined through the directions below:

Date:     Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Time:    6:30 p.m.

Place:    Via Zoom and in person at the Tollgate Crossing Community Center


The meeting can be joined at


Meeting ID: 819 5876 7924 Passcode: 648691

Or by phone at (719) 359-4580 Meeting ID: 819 5876 7924




1.      Call to Order and Approval of Agenda


2.      Declaration of Quorum/Director Qualifications/Disclosure Items


3.      Public Comment: Members of the public are invited to speak regarding matters concerning the District and limited to 3 minutes per person.


4.      Vendor Matters

a.      ColoradoScapes, Inc.

b.      Metropolitan District Public Safety Group


5.      Manager’s Items

a.      Playground Equipment and Surface Update

b.      Mailbox Replacement

c.      Tollgate Community Park – Restroom

d.      Shade Structure Proposal

e.      Clubhouse Renovation Discussion

f.       Algonquian Park Discussion

    1. Consider Approval for Renewal of General Liability Schedule and Limits Consider Approval and Authorization to Bind Coverage, Renewal of Special District Association of Colorado Membership, Payment of Agency Fee, and Inclusion of Workers’ Compensation Coverage


6.      BREAK


7.      Consent Agenda (Note: all items listed under Consent Agenda are routine and will be approved by one motion and vote.  There will be no separate discussion of these items unless a Board member or a member of the audiences so requests.)

a.      Approval of Minutes of the October 25, 2022 Regular Board Meeting

b.      Cash Position Schedule Report

c.      Tax Collection Schedule

d.      Water Usage Report


8.      Financial Matters

a.      Conduct Public Hearing on Proposed 2023 Fiscal Year Budget

                                                    i.     Consider Adoption of Resolution 2022-11-01, Adopting 2023 Budget, Imposing Mill Levy and Appropriation of Funds

b.      Review and Accept Unaudited Financial Statements as of October 31, 2022

c.      Investment Update (November 2022)

d.      Review and Ratification of Prior Claims (October 2022)

e.      Review and Approval of Current Claims (November 2022)


9.      Legal Matters

    1. Consider Adoption of Resolution 2022-11-02: 2023 Annual Administrative Matters Resolution
    2. Consider Adoption of Resolution 2022-11-03: Resolution Calling May 2, 2023 Election
    3. Consider Direction re Board Member Contact Information on District Website


10.   Director’s Matters


11.   Adjournment

a.      Confirmation of Quorum at Next Regular Meeting Scheduled for Tuesday, January 24, 2023 at 6:30 p.m.


2023 Meeting Dates: (all at 6:30 p.m.)

·        February 28, 2023

·        March 28, 2023

·        April 25, 2023

·        May 23, 2023

·        June 27, 2023

·        July 25, 2023

·        August 22, 2023

·        September 26, 2023

·        October 24, 2023

·        November 14, 2023 (Budget Meeting - Due to Thanksgiving the following week)